ATASS Training Course 2

HAHO/HALO Training (Course Part 2)

Course2 The qualification aim of the training is to qualify the trainees for a safe landing as a team in a landing area within 50 m around the team leader. Using a military ram air parachute system, carrying a 40-50 kg combat pack, from altitudes higher than 12.000 ft./FL120 and up to 25.000 ft./FL 250 include oxygen equipment at day or night time.
The trainees must be proficient in basic freefall techniques and should have about 150 freefall jumps using with ram air parachutes (50 thereof within the previous 6 months), 25 thereof with combat pack.
We recommend physiological flight training and an aero medical certificate. They also need to demonstrate an acceptable level of freefall skills during the first week of the training.

The training includes:

Assessment of the experience level/qualifications/prerequisites of the trainees.
Familiarization with the parachute, oxygen systems and other equipment components including packing.
Familiarization and training for bundle jumps up to 50 kg load.
HALO/HAHO training day and night, with and without bundle.
Tactical/team training

Duration of training:

4 weeks (6 days a week)

Number of trainees:

15 trainees

Equipment requirements:

Parachute and oxygen system equivalent to German Army equipment, per student: 1 parachute system and 1 oxygen system with all respective sub-systems.
2 combat parachute systems more than total number of trainees as back up.
Oxygen fill station (e. g. DOB-200 or DOB-T) and ground equipment on location.
Bundles/weight bag equipment available.

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